he night.I drew a cord▓ from my
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ended the labors of a band▓ of coolies in laying a hardwood floor i●n his bungalow.During that period,● a rumor, spreading among the bea▓chcombers, aroused them to new wakefulness.C▓olombo was soon to be visited by a circus! It wa●s not that the mixed odor of sawdust and pin●k lemonade appealed greatly to “th●e boys.” But tradition whisp●ered that t

he annual show wou●ld bring employment to more than one whose c●urry and rice advanced with laggard steps. ▓ Dropping in at Almeida’s when my task was en●ded, I found Askins agog with news of the ●coming spectacle. “She’ll be here ▓

in a week or ten days,” he cried,▓ gayly.“That means a few dibs a day for som▓e of us.For circuses must have wh●ite men.Niggers won’t do.That’s ▓our game, Franck.Just lay low and 259w▓hen she blows in, we’ll swoop down on t●he supe and get our cognoms on the pay● roll. “Or say!” he went on, in ●more e

xcited tones.“Better still! You won’t n▓eed to lie idle meantime, either.An ●idea strikes me.Remember the a●rrack shop where the two stokers set us up a bot●tle of fire-water the o

ther d▓ay Well, just across the stree●t is the Salvation Army.Now you wal▓tz down to the meeting there to▓-night and get converted.They 癔ll hand you down a swell white unifor●m, put you right in a good hash-house, and thr▓ow a few o

ack ras●cal, closely resembling my firs●t visitor, scampered away across the playgr▓ound.Dawn was drawing a thin gray line on the b●lack canvas of night.I left my bed unmade an●d wa
ndered away into the city. Before the ●sun was high I had found employment.▓ A resident in the Cinnamon Gardens had advertis▓ed for a carpenter, and for the three days fo▓llowing
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